Friday, September 7, 2007

Grade 0 Begins - Laying Down Tracks of Habit

We officially started homeschool Tuesday, September 5th. Of course, our home education began when Maxim was born five years ago.

Charlotte Mason claimed that one third of education is the discipline of habit and we are finding this to be true. In order for our schooling to be a pleasure there are some new habits that must be acquired and old habits laid aside. "When the rails of habit are laid down, like the tracks set out for a locomotive train, lessons can go along easily and smoothly. The train moves easily, but the laying down of the rails has taken a lot of effort."

One habit I'd gotten into was leaving housework until 4 p.m. and then, an hour before my husband got home, cleaning the house as if I were in the Indy 500. I realized I had acquired this habit in my early teens. Chores were expected to be done before our parents got home from work. After school we would make a snack and watch the after-school television shows. When Gilligan's Island ended my siblings and I jumped up in a mad rush to get our work done before we heard the car pull in the drive.

Starting Tuesday, the boys and I have to be dressed with all chores done by 9 a.m. So far, so good and when everything is accomplished before 9 a.m. Maxim and Luca know they get to play or have an extra story in the time remaining. This year our school time, 9-12, mainly consists of outdoor play. This exercise in discipline will eventually become habit. Next year, when we begin formal lessons, we will be in a position to have our days run smoothly.

Some habits to develop according to CM:
The Habit of Attention
The Habit of Obedience
The Habit of Manners
The Habit of Truthfulness
Habits of Thoroughness, Punctuality, Taking Turns, Doing Our Best, Prayer, Gratitude

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