Saturday, February 23, 2008

How do I love thee...

We received "A Child's Garden of Verse" by Robert Louis Stevenson as a baby shower gift and immediately began reading the poems to the baby in my ever-expanding belly. Five years and another child later and we've never stopped. "Poetry Friday" is a favorite part of our boys' week and one of the only things that can slow them both down. In winter, we sit down to a warm pot of tea and verses, nursery rhymes or psalms of worship. In summer, we take a poetry anthology and our meal outdoors. Poems are personal and precious so I try to exercise restraint and allow Maxim and Luca the chance to relate to the poems themselves. Just yesterday we examined nature through a poet's eyes, reading The Sun in Me, compiled by Judith Nicholls and illustrated by Beth Krommes. Though we enjoy our poetry and the pictures in our mind's eye, Ms. Krommes creates her stunning images on scratchboard, photocopies and then watercolors them. The result is an amazing framework for the beautiful and thought-provoking poems.

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