Thursday, March 27, 2008

Reasons to Celebrate

We love to celebrate art and story and April is an especially fun month with lots of days full of inspiration! A few include:

April 2 - Hans Christian Anderson's birthday and International Children's
Book Day. Celebrate with "BFB of Fairy Tales."
April 15 - Leonardo DaVinci's birthday. Celebrate with "The Genius of
Leonardo" - told from the perspective of his young apprentice, Giacomo.
April 22 - Earth Day. Celebrate with Oprah's pick "Whole World."
April 23 - William Shakespeare's birthday. Celebrate with "Shakespeare's
Storybook - Folktales that Inspired the Bard."
April 28 - Poetry Reading Day. Celebrate with our new paperback release,
"The Sun in Me" - a collection of poems from many cultures that celebrate
the beauty of Earth.

Oh, I almost forgot my personal favorite: *April 7th - No Housework Day*.
Celebrate by reading *Cinderella* in "Ballet Stories" or the Irish version -
*Fair, Brown, and Trembling *in "Tales from Old Ireland."

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