Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's in a name?

Last week we received official word from the deputy superintendent that our home education curriculum was approved and we're set to begin September 3rd. When asked if he was excited to start, Max replied enthusiastically, "Oh yes, I can't wait for the fun to begin!"

Weren't those midnight feedings, gurgles, coos, and tiny, thin-as-paper fingernails just a moment ago? Maxim is now six, tries to sneak books at the dinner table, and helps me with my Russian pronunciation. As I look at my boy, I'm reminded of a favorite poem, which was also the inspiration behind my blog and business name. Enjoy!

New Child
Wait a while, small voyager
On the shore, with seapinks and shells.

The boat
Will take a few summers to build
That you must make your voyage in.

You will learn the names,
That golden light is "sun" - "moon"
The silver light
That grows and dwindles.

And the beautiful small splinters
That wet the stones, "rain."

There is a voyage to make,
A chart to read,
But not yet, not yet.
"Daisies" spill from your fingers.
The night daises are "stars."

The keel is laid, the strakes
Will be set, in time.
A tree is growing
That will be a tall mast.

All about you, meantime
The music of humanity,
The dance of creation
Scored on the chart of the voyage.

The stories, legends, poems
Will be woven to make your sail.

You may hear the beautiful tale of Magnus
Who took salt on his lip.
Your good angel
Will be with you on that shore.

Soon, the voyage of EMMA
To Tir-Nan-Og and beyond.

Star of the Sea, shine on her voyage.

-George Mackay Brown

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