Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Atmosphere, A Discipline, A Life

M. could barely wait for the first "official" day of home school to begin. He came downstairs wearing a tie and jacket with a t-shirt underneath, explaining he was going "informal." He also asked if we could start the first lesson, skipping breakfast and free time. His excitement made me smile but we stuck to the schedule. Here's a first day photo of M. and L. - who lost his shirt after an orange got the better of him. It's a good thing he had the goggles.

By day three the excitement still hadn't worn off. The boys were happy to engage in some "home occupation" by working on a hearth pad with their father. It is easy to see why Charlotte Mason wrote on Education as a Discipline. No matter the subject, we are always training character, whether cultivating the habit of attention during history, diligence during math or neatness and order while working on a hearth pad frame.

If you would like to know more about Charlotte's teachings on the subject -- and be greatly encouraged -- the wonderful people at generously offer a free e-book, Education is.

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