Friday, September 26, 2008

Poetry Friday

Our school week ends with a celebration of poetry every Friday. That's right, no penmanship, no history, no science, no, okay, so I do sneak some math in with our baking project. We sit down to a little tea party and something sweet to enjoy each other and a poem or two.
Here are the boys mixing up a batch of "Grandma's Apple and Honey Muffins." The recipe is found in the back of The Beeman by Laurie Krebs. The book, told in verse, follows a child and his beekeeping grandrather through an entire honey producing season. Besides being great for Poetry Friday, it is a wonderful introduction to the importance of bees in the ecosystem. Oops, did I say no science on Fridays?
The boys with their finished creation. Before I knew it they'd already eaten seven muffins! It's a good thing they're sweetened only with honey and fruit.
The book also features a great poem by Aileen Fisher in the front matter. Enjoy!

There wouldn't be sunflowers,
Wouldn't be peas,
Wouldn't be apples
On apple trees,
If it weren't for fuzzy old,
Buzzy old bees
Dusting pollen
From off their knees.


Erin Neiner said...

OOOO, YUMMY!! I am quite sure those were polished off by the time we got their tonight, right! :) Although, if my math is right, the boys at 7 which only left 1 for mama?!? What a yummy treat. Next time you'll have to try it with the REAL Grandpa's honey!!!!!

Thanks for letting us crash tonight! Hope we didn't disturb your peace too much. Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow at the Squeeze.

Richele said...

The recipe makes 18 so I was fine but it was Oleg that missed out!

Yes, the in-laws are due to arrive in early November, bearing jars of golden honey, I'm sure...and you're welcome to crash anytime!