Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fireside Stories

We were recently surprised when the above picture of our boys was chosen by PBS to promote their reading collection. If you visit today, you will see it in the slideshow on their homepage. The story behind the story:
-"Schnitzle, Schnotzle & Schnootzle" is the story Max is reading to Luca from Fireside Stories, a collection of wintry tales from around the world.
-We actually don't have a television in our home. We heat the house solely with wood and most everything takes place in front of the woodstove. The boys do occasionally watch "Sesame Street" in Russian (Ulitsa Sezam) to reinforce their Russian language.
-The pajamas have been worn by their cousins, Walter, Barton and Milton before being passed on to our boys. Max refers to them as "handy-downs."
-Max has three of these pajama tops. They are his favorites and were even the inspiration for the color scheme in the boys' bedroom.

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