Monday, February 23, 2009

Breakfast was over and the chores finished. Maxim and Luca were busily building with Legos while I was looking forward to curling up with the Earl of Grey and a good book in front of the fire. No sooner had I filled the teapot than my husband appeared, announcing that we needed to get our snow gear on and get outside.
Now I had a decision before me. How would I react: reason, whine, grumble? I chose to put my own desires away and take up my husband's lead. "Boys, get your snow pants on, we're going out!" I called.
Now, I would have been happy to play in our yard but my husband suggested the Pleasant Valley Nature Preserve. Small choice #2, would I go willingly?...
The soft flakes were coming down fast when we arrived and it was breath-taking. The gatekeeper said everyone else had been deterred by the snow and we had the park to ourselves.

I am not always an over-comer in each situation. Lately though, I've begun to realize that these small, moment-by-moment decisions we are faced with hundreds of times a day have perhaps as much significance in our lives as those big decisions - such as a home purchase, move, or a job change.
On the drive home I was reminded of Vashti, the queen who scorned her husband's simple request in the book of Esther. Like Vashti, I already had my own plans and -- though my husband was not surrounded by the princes of Persia and Media -- he was in the presence of his children. Like Vashti, this decision would affect how others viewed my husband, his own feelings of the security of his position, and could easily change the household order.
Turning into our drive, I thanked my husband for such a wonderful day and thanked the Lord that, unlike Vashti, I had not missed out on my blessing.


Trinity Mommy said...

Beautiful pictures and wonderful snow day memories! It seems so much easier at times to make the selfish "choice" yet the memories and special moments are always worth the sacrifice! I need to be more aware of these things!

Laura Lee said...

Yes, thank you for this encouragement today. And could you repost this every day for, like, the rest of my life?? I'd appreciate it.

Jeanne said...