Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rock-A My Soul

Our rock hound studying an agate with his Brock magiscope.

Luca came into the kitchen visibly upset. His voice rose in crescendo as he told me that people were calling the Lord a "rocky turtle" and I was listening to them. Kneeling down, I said that I did not understand when he pointed to the iPod in its dock and repeated the accusation. I quickly flipped back a track and saw Seeds of Praise - Isaiah 26:3-4.

"No, Luca" I exclaimed, "the Lord is your Rock Eternal...your Rock Eternal!"

My homeschooling mommy-brain kicked into high gear with the possibilities...Do you know why God is called the rock eternal?...I could give him a list of the names of God that point to His eternal nature...Elohei Kedem, El Olam...Is it too soon to start Hebrew lessons?...How is God our rock? of rocks...experiments, observations...We know a geologist...Oh, is there really such a thing as a rocky turtle? What does the Handbook of Nature Study say?

I was suddenly stopped short with the impression to not say a thing. I had been reading about a key ingredient in what Charlotte Mason calls the "delectable compound [of] Masterly Inactivity:" faith. She states, "When we recognise that God does not make over the bringing up of children absolutely even to their parents, but that He works Himself, in ways which it must be our care not to hinder, in the training of every child, then we shall learn passiveness, humble and wise." Vol. 3 Ch. 3 p. 25

Whether in matters of authority, the boys' play or during our nature study, I had just that morning asked the Lord to make me a mother who "refrains from too much talk" in order that His voice could be heard. I smiled at Luca. He grinned back at me then raced out of the room and on to his next adventure.

You will keep the steadfast of mind In perfect peace Because he trusts in You. Trust in Jehovah forever and ever, For in Jah Jehovah we have an eternal rock. Isaiah 26: 3-4


Trinity Mommy said...

I need to be reminded of this regularly! I fear that I talk to much when educating and need to as you mentioned have faith in Masterly Inactivity! Thank you for sharing this!

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Adventures On Beck's Bounty said...

Thanks for contributing this post to the CM Blog Carnival.

Grace & Peace,

Dawne said...

Beautiful post!

Keri said...

"rocky turtle" ...cute!
A good post and a very good reminder.

B.A.M. said...

Awesome, Beautiful and a wonderful reminder to me!! Thank You for sharing--Angie in GA