Friday, February 6, 2009

Something We Like

My friend T. recently wrote regarding an image that had strongly affected her. The photo showed a crowd of people listening to a man reciting poetry as he stands atop a pile of rubble in Baghdad. My friend's not testified to the importance poetry plays in our lives during both good times and bad.

Poetry is key in the daily life of a Charlotte Mason education but it is particularly celebrated in our home each Friday. Charlotte Mason reminds us in all her prefaces that "Education is the science of relations." This truth is evidenced in poetry as we are encouraged to not present it for analysis but rather to let it stand on its own and allow the child to develop his own relationship to the poet and his thoughts.

The poems we read today were from Someone I Like, Poems About People, a compilation by Judith Nicholls. Maxim's favorite was by Elizabeth Jennings and begins:

The Secret Brother

Jack lived in the greenhouse
When I was six,
With glass and with tomato plants,
Not with slates and bricks.

I didn't have a brother,
Jack became mine.
Nobody could see him,
He never gave a sign.

Max and Luca forming new relationships-


Jeanne said...

Thanks for praying for us, Richelle.

The weather is much cooler today, which the firefighters will be thankful for!


Laurie said...

Poetry Friday - oh now that sounds nice (for me and for the young-ens - we all need our reminders to dwell on the written word! Thanks for the reminder! Keep that fire burning, it looks divine!