Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When I read about Trinity Mommy's homeschool experiment of a Week of Feminine Dress with her daughters, I decided to give it a go as well.

The reactions from my boys were startling. Now, I wear skirts fairly often but I was going for the "radiant femininity" that the Botkin girls talk about in, not a potato-sack nor the ultra-hip-mommy-look. On Day 1 I donned a long skirt with a feminine top and exclamations of delight and proposals of marriage abounded. That evening, as we were tucking them into bed, the boys still continued to talk about their "beautiful mommy." On the evening of Day 2, my husband commented on how much he liked it when I dressed that way.

Though enjoying the extra attention in the forms of comments, cuddles and waltzes, "not thus are spirits fortified." I have been receiving some challenging lessons about what I teach my children through the way I dress as well as what I say to the outside world. This experiment touches upon matters of inward appearance, the beauty of a "gentle and quiet spirit," and who I dress for.

No, wearing a skirt doesn't make one spiritual, the Lord does that, but oh...what a blessing!


Trinity Mommy said...

Its amazing how a simple act of wearing something feminine can remind us to soften our tones and be more gentle! I adore the dress pictured above by the way!!! It is lovely... did you make it?

Richele said...

Thanks TM for prompting me on this unexpected journey.

I don't sew (yet) so am looking forward to your easy skirt tutorials :) I got this dress at an arts & crafts fair where I had a stall. I'm always looking for vendors that will barter their wares for my children's books.

Laura Lee said...

Yes, my youngest son often reminds me the day on which I don't dress more feminine that I was prettier the day before. But, his criticism is not for me alone, he prefers all women to wear dresses, and compliments them liberally when they do. :D