Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Air We Breathe

But she will be saved through her childbearing, if they remain in faith and love and holiness with sobriety. 1 Timothy 2:15

This verse came to me often during our recent family vacation - even seeming to reverberate through me in my sleep. When my sister sent me the six volume set of Charlotte Mason's Home Education Series a few years ago, I was surprised to learn in the preface that a CM education was not "literature based" as I had thought but that education is presented as a complete whole: an atmosphere, a discipline and a life.

Aah, but this thing called life truly is the science of relations that CM puts forth. No mere reading will do as it must be experienced with all the practicality that Paul speaks of in his letters to Timothy. For what mother can cultivate good habits in her own child if she does not possess them herself in adulthood? I am finding that faith, love, holiness and sobriety can be lived out only by a reliance on the Spirit as I endeavor to help my husband, train my children and keep my home.

Such were my thoughts and supplications as I enjoyed a glorious two weeks with my family - a good part of which we spent in school, laundry, food preparation, and clean-up, for anywhere between eleven and twenty people.

There was the necessary "incessant watchfulness" in training of character and habit but there was also much laughter and joy - for in their household living books and ideas are in addition to faith in the living God.

So many cousins, so little time.
My nephews, Walter and Barton, cleaning the kitchen.
Cafe' au lait and beignets.
Egg collecting at the Wilford's where we also found great hospitality and fellowship.
My sister making an incredibly large batch of coleslaw with Ren and Sasha.

Borscht and cabbage pirogi.

Milton's excitement in finding a fossil. We had a great time exploring the limestone-bed creeks and found many fossils, including fossilized sea-lily stems.

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Erin Neiner said...

A bloggy "welcome back" is certainly in order!!! Oh, you got some great pictures and I can't wait to hear about all the stories behind them!!! :) Looks like you had a wonderful time! (of course!!) We missed you! Thanks for the reminder of the Mothering magazine...I want to go get a copy so the famous barefoot mama can sign my copy!!!! ;)

p.s. thank max for the message. drew was already in bed when I saw it so I'll play it for him tomorrow!