Monday, April 6, 2009

Barefoot Voyage Hits the Road

I don't blog too much about our home business but at times it is inextricable from our home education. If you've wondered why I haven't been visiting, Barefoot season has officially begun and our traveling book store hit the road with its first event of the year. This weekend I attended the Old Deerfield Arts & Crafts Fair, which is considered the oldest running craft fair in New England. Highlights include: hosting a book signing with award-winning author Josepha Sherman. Though well known in the genres of science fiction and fantasy, it is her retelling of folktales and fairytales that I love. A horse whisperer herself, here she is signing Magic Hoofbeats, a collection of magical horse tales from around the world.

Since it was a two-day signing, Josepha spent the night at our house. Oleg had made us a fabulous lamb and asparagus dinner and, as exhausted as we were, I was able to ask (almost) all the questions I wanted. Josepha's family is from Russia and, I found out, true intelligentsiya: Josepha has a degree in Archaeology, she worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art before becoming a full-time writer, and her family founded the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

At our booth.

Talking with people at these events is always a high point. Suzanne, a mother of five, came up and introduced herself, saying she'd seen the Mothering article. It turns out she has also been a home educator for the past 12 years - using Charlotte Mason's methods! I liked her so much that I could have talked with her for a good long time - were it not for the business at hand.

When I started the accounting yesterday, I saw that she left her blog url. Suzanne, it turns out, is the incredibly talented and accomplished "Titus 2 lady" of Blueberry Cottage and The Domestic Adventures of Not Quite Donna Reed. So now you, my dear friends, can meet her too!

There's no place like home...


Laura Lou said...

Your booth looks magical--how I wish I could see you in action!! Have a blessed season of fairs!! Hope you'll post more about them along the way...

Jeanne said...

I've just printed off the article. I'm off to learn more about you over breakfast.

Imagine hosting famous writers to dinner - oh my goodness!


Suzanne said...

I sent you an email but stopped by to tell you I had a lovely time chatting with you. Your booth was both very eye catching and just beckoned one to come on in and get lost in a good book. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer to meet the author, what a truly interesting and imaginative lady she must be and how fortunate for you to host her:-)