Thursday, April 30, 2009

Have you ever wondered what your children are up to when you are not with them? They are quite the photographers so I never have to wonder.
Apparently, mine play a reel or jig and have a merry dance!


Laura Lou said...

I too have someone who loves to document our home-life, but he does so secretly. The resulting pictures are ones I will cherish always.

Jeanne said...

Did they take those photos themselves? They're pretty good!! They found a tidy background too!!

Jemimah wants to know if they keep their rooms tidy most of the time - and whether they share a bedroom.

Love, Jeanne and Jemimah

Richele said...

After any book event, I almost always find photos documenting the goings on during my absence. I just found these on Oleg's computer though they were from April 4th. There was an abundance of photos and it seems they all had a hand in them. No, not every corner of our house is that tidy.

In response to Jemimah's questions:
The boys do share a room and they do keep it tidy most of the time. This is only after lots of effort in that area.

Erin Neiner said...

Thanks for posting this one!!! :) I reeeally need to implement this!!!

SO, I wish I had that last cup of PARIS tea to sit down with and read through the Golden Acorn Homeschool blog carnival posts!!! :( Thanks for going last night! There's another workshop at the end of the month...maybe we can revisit that teapot!?