Thursday, April 9, 2009

Look what was waiting in the mail for me yesterday! A Starbuck's gift-card with a sweet note from Laura over at Wasted Textbooks and a birthday present from my twin, Michele, Laying Down the Rails. Thank you both!

If you know me from the blog world, you probably already know Laura. She's got a spring in her homeschooling step - reminding us to not take ourselves too seriously while saving us time by finding all the really cool free resources out there.

For those of you who have never read a book by Sonya Shafer of Simply Charlotte Mason she's got a few down-loadable for free at her site. Thanks to Sonya's CM Planner, I never once hyper-ventilated while writing out our scope & sequence. If you do pick up one of her books, the best advice I can give is to not even bother taking the lid off your hilighter or you'll just end up with completely yellow pages.

Now, just as soon as I can schedule it in, I'll be sipping a cafe' latte at Starbucks while reading my new Charlotte Mason Habits Handbook!


Laura Lou said...

Oh!! That book is totally on my Wish List!! After finding the free spelling book that uses lines from the great poets, I'm thinking of selling my new Spelling Wisdom books and trading in for Laying Down the Rails, which really would be a blessing here!! What a fab sister you have!!

Jeanne said...

I've just purchased a copy of this as well. What do you think? I've yet to bind mine (I got the ebook to save on postage) but on first leaf through it looks promising!

We're away till Wednesday. I can read blog comments, but have no access to email.

Hope you're having a lovely Easter!!


PS The word verification is 'prays'!!

PPS Have a cappuccino for me!!

Richele said...

What a great verification!

Thus far I am really enjoying the book and appreciate Sonya's compiling all the verses regarding habits in one place.

Let's compare notes!