Thursday, April 30, 2009

Managing Chores

This is the boys' bedroom. It is set in one of the dormers of our Cape Cod-style home and is so small that it must be kept neat. Tidying the bedroom is done twice a day.

After two months of using the Maxwell family's book, Managers of Their Chores, Max does a nice job of keeping his room clean. Luca requires much more guidance, not only to make sure he is doing his chores but that they are also done with the right attitude.
Tidying their bookshelves are on the boys' weekly chore list.

Much more than a chore system, the Titus 2 book deals thoroughly with the Biblical perspective of work and is a supplement to Managers of Their Homes, a scheduling guide for homeschooling families. Along with Charlotte Mason's teachings, we are all learning good habits. As usual, I find that I am the one with the most "rail" needing to be re-laid.
Luca wears his chore cards in case he gets distracted or forgets what he needs to do next.

If there is disobedience in this area, we have a jar of extra chores that they draw from. Key though is that we also take the children to the Lord to deal with any sin. We had a good picture of this the other day when Oleg asked us to transplant some flowers. As we began to make ready the new spot, we found that what looked like just a few weeds was actually a tight and vast network of roots. Had we merely planted the flowers and not dealt with the weeds at their roots, the flowers would not be able to survive or would not thrive.
Above are Max's weekly chore cards, below are his daily cards. His evening chores look much the same, just in reverse. I have written the time allowed for each each chore in the corner of the card.


Jeanne said...

Wow - both Jemimah and I are mindblowingly impressed. Tell us more. Did the chore cards come with the book?

Richele said...

Along with the book, you receive cardstock, forms, and the plastic sleeves to wear. You register on their site and choose chores to print and in which order, for each child. We used the pre-readers for Luca and Max liked the pictures so well we printed them for him too.

Believe me, this is the first time my refrigerator has gotten polished on a weekly basis!

Laura Lou said...

Looks fab!! I will have to put this book on my wishlist!!

Sarah said...

Hi Richele, thank you for your birthday wishes! Turning thirty has been a very exciting voyage! Have an awesome week!!!

Shanna said...

I saw this idea of clipping the chore packs to the children on an episode of the Duggers and wondered where they got it from. Thanks for sharing.

Dave @ Home School Dad said...

An excellent post and a great addition to the carnival. Thanks for participating!

Laura Lou said...

How funny! I thought the boys' room looked uber-familiar, and then I discovered I read & commented before. Groundhog day..! :D

This was the book my friend bought. I've no room for luxuries like this book, but I started my homeschool journey using Managers of their Homes! That early training is what inspired my own li'l chore creation.