Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Break - Suitable Ideas

Having rained 27 out of the last 29 days here, I decided to make a list from E.A. Parish's in-depth article, "Suggestions for Holiday Amusements" to have on hand. Copyright law prohibits me from linking directly to Ms. Parish's article but you can access it -- along with a great number of vintage Parents' Review articles -- at the fantastic homeschool resource Ambleside Online (Parents' Review Volume 14, 1903, pgs. 366-373). This is a six-page article and well worth the read - I've simply extracted the suggestions for occupations and interests.

1)Games/Sport (i.e., cricket, football, tennis, hockey, etc.,).
2)Serving Others: working for missions, for the poor or teaching another a handicraft.
3)Make objects suitable for sale or presents using handicrafts already learned.
4)Read aloud as a family.
5)Read a Shakespearean play together with family members each taking a character.
6)Read a book in a foreign language.
7)Go on holiday excursions.
8)Properly classify and arrange collections in a home museum.
9)Grow a botanical garden.
10)Grow a vegetable garden.
11)Cooking lessons.
12)Family Scientific Society (each person chooses a subject, does his/her research and gives a presentation when the family is assembled).
13)Learn a new handicraft (i.e., elementary bookbinding, cardboard Sloyd, Linoleum Chip Carving, carton work, basket work, clay modeling, scrapbooking).
14)Part singing.
15)Learn a new physical exercise (i.e., swimming, rowing, boxing, fencing).
16)Go on expeditions (either archaeological, architectural, historical or literary).
-make a detailed study
-produce rough maps
-sketch what one likes
17)Nature Study (note: this is book free with the outdoors being the facts before your child)
-capture a new season in your nature notebook
-keep a flower list or a bird list

Common sense warning: this is not a formidable list of attainments for your holidays, rather suggestions for a multiplicity of interests. Plenty of freedom for your child to explore and form relationships while mom practices masterly inactivity.

So, what did we do on the two days that it didn't rain? Played in the water, of course!


Suzanne said...

Hi Richele,
US copyright states anything from 1923 back is in public domain. I have one original Parent's Review that someone found for me at an old bookshop--it is a treasure! When will these clouds and rain take a long siesta:-)

Richele said...

Hi Suzanne,
Yes, another rainy week. We are certainly learning to appreciate the sun whenever we see it.

The Ambleside site states specifically that links must be directed to the main site though they may grant permission to link to a specific article if requested. I could have requested but those dear women seem busy enough :)

Trinity Mommy said...

I am thrilled to see that another mommy lets her kids play in the rain! Im not crazy after all :)

Jeanne said...

Ah, playing in the rain is the best holiday activity of all...especially warm, summer rain...

Can't understand why they didn't put it in the PRArticle - "Playing under a sprinkler is simply the best activity of all" - something like that.

Yours in silliness,


PS Seriously I like this article. I'm glad you've summarised it for me!

PPS Since the drought, sprinklers are illegal here. Sigh.

Jeanne said...

Hi Richele,

There's a True Heart Award waiting for you on my blog!