Friday, August 14, 2009

Favourite Things

Moonlit Night on Dnepr, Arkhip Kuinji, 1880

We are back and not yet in any shape to post. A favourite friend, Jeanne at A Peaceful Day, gave the invitation to share a few favourite things, so I set my timer for 10 minutes and here you go:

Favourite colour: Midnight Blue
Favourite artist: Arkhip Kuinji
Favourite smell: Luca's breath - it is still baby sweet.
Favourite sound: belly laughs.
Favourite taste: Real vanilla ice cream (though my husband's ginger scones are running a close second).
Favourite book as a child: James the Jaguar by Mary H. Lystad (I do not own a copy).
Favourite place: A toss-up between my mom's farm and my sister's farm.
Favourite city: St. Petersburg, Russia.
Favourite flower: Pussy Willow
Favourite number: 4

Yes, I know the American-English spellings are "favorite" and "color" but I happen to love extra "U's" which really do seem to belong. Since it's a favourite things list, I left them. Do let me know a few of your favourite things!


Jeanne said...

You know, Richele, you might actually be my favourite friend.

Which is sort of a worry, I think.

Psychiatrists have a field day over things like cyberfriends.

Jeanne said...

BTW Kuinji's art is extraordinary. I'm off to google now!

Ruby said...

It's nice to learn some new things about you!
(And I like that you use our "u"). Will also google the artist - that is totally out of my area.
Have a lovely weekend.

Richele said...

Let them think what they want, Jeanne, you are my favourite as well!

I think I saw that you like Midnight Blue too, Ruby.