Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Home School Goals by Subject

The boys on our trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston this weekend. 18th century European painting...the art and craft of Greene & Greene? Nah...if given the choice they will spend their time in Ancient Rome, Greece or Egypt.

We will be using Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt family study handbook this year for History, Geography & Bible. This will help us reach our goals of having a more family and Bible-based approach to learning. You may remember my shock in realizing that while we were learning a lot and enjoying ourselves, we'd sailed right by some of our goals last year. I did thank the Lord that we saw it at the end of Year 1 and not in twenty years or so.

Since a few of you have asked, here are our goals by subject. These were written with prayerful consideration and the help of Charlotte Mason's writings and Sonya Shafer's Planning Your CM Education and are now posted on a clipboard by my desk for review and prayer throughout the year.


Enjoy reading.
Read with attention and concentration.
Comprehend what is read.
Appreciate the style of the writer.
Exercise discernment in reading choice.


Develop habits of insight, accuracy and readiness.
Train reasoning powers.
Apply math in everyday situations.
Become a confident problem solver.
Make wise financial transactions.


Effectively and accurately communicate.
Learn a beautiful style of handwriting.
Have meaningful handwriting experiences.

See God’s economy throughout history.
Know something of what has gone before in order to think justly of what is occurring today.
Inculcate a sane and serviceable patriotism.
Understand people’s roles in history.
Learn from history’s accomplishments and mistakes.

Science and Nature

Cultivate the power of accurate observation and build up understanding.
Love, respect and care for God’s creation.


Form an intimate acquaintance with the region studied so
that a map calls up a wonderful panorama of the diversities of
the region, of the people, their history and occupations.

Read or listen with attention and concentration.
Exercise the power of recollection.
Receive a sense of the spaciousness of the time written of.
Secure wide spaces for the imagination to explore.

Music Appreciation

Enjoy listening to music with understanding.


Begin to express himself and appreciate art.


Read aloud and enjoy frequently.
Recite with delicate rendering.


Create objects of use and beauty.


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

This is exactly what I do every year. In fact, now that the boys are in high school I have the whole framework outlined so I can fit everything in. Then each year will get particular goals for each subject and it serves as a touchstone for me as we go through the year. If it doesn't meet the goal, set it aside.

Thanks for the thoughtful post,
Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Chef Penny said...

What great goals! I need to remember to do something like this instead of focusing on goals that can be checked off. Thanks for the inspiration.

nikkit3 said...

I have never written anything down like this. You've motivated me to do so:) Thanks for sharing!

Jeanne said...

Presumably many - or all of these are long term goals. Do you have shorter term or yearly goals as well?

I really need to do something like this!!

PS Are you going to do Dali with us?

Sue said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I hope you don't mind if I use this as a starting point in thinking about our own goals. I am so not a list person, and I always need some good inspiration!

Richele said...

I am glad it is useful to you. I know it helped me immensely to see Sonya's goals as I was actually a bit like a deer in headlights last year.

I also have written down for myself specific points to pray for my children based on strengths and weaknesses.

You are right, Jeanne, these are both short and long-term. As "end results" we've found goals to work well for measuring our CM education.

Barb, I've enjoyed your goal-related posts, too.

I've got to see what term Dali is planned for. We have Georgia O'Keefe on exhibit next door and Oleg is involved with a new Norman Rockwell exhibit so it is looking like those will be our artists for Term 1.

Jill said...

Oh, this is wonderful! I love these goals. It puts everything into perspective, doesn't it!?

Trinity Mommy said...

Such a great list of lovely goals! Good luck with a new school year and new memories, remember to enjoy every moment!

joyfulmum said...

Hi Richele,

I followed you to your blog through Jeanne's :)
I love this post!
Thanks for the inspiration you've given me through this.