Monday, August 17, 2009

Maine Moments - Who am I?

Each night the boys would crawl into their sleeping bags and we would play a game we call "Who am I?" before lights out. Simply, one person describes a person, place or thing and the others try to guess the answer. For example, "I have three toes and move very slowly. Who am I?" Answer: a sloth.

On one particular evening Max began, "I am the mother of two blondies..."

I held my breath as he paused in thought. How would he describe having no self-control, a sharp tongue, or any number of weaknesses my children are subjected to much too often?

He continued, "...and I like to laugh...a lot."

Happily, Luca knew the answer and shouted, "Mama!" as they both rolled to kiss me.

Thank you Lord. I love my boys.


Jeanne said...

Moments like that are pricelss, aren't they.

Now, do you laugh with a haha gaffaw or a hehe type titter? I'd like to know...

Amy said...

I am constantly praying that God will cause my boys to love Him IN SPITE OF ME. I also ask Him to cause them to forget all the bad they see in me everyday and that my love for them would surpass it all. Moments like that richele are beautiful. We are sinners and those that love us most see the worst of our flaws but to be loved in spite of that and described with the good - well that is a sweet gift from our God. glad you had a great trip.