Monday, September 21, 2009

For the love of denim - home school fashion.

I was laughing the other morning as I placed an order for this denim skirt from Boden. No, not because of Jenny Joseph's famous poem, Warning, which begins "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple" but because of A Peaceful Day's "Not supermums, just mums." In her post, Jeanne addresses some home school stereotypes, which include the wearing of the ubiquitous denim jumper.

Although I don't own the garment referred to and am not a supermum according to the test, I probably am a denim jumper wearer at heart. I wrangle two boys who have never been known to travel from point A to point B without finding the most challenging (ie dangerous and muddy) route. Denim is durable, launders well and doesn't warrant an outfit change when I need to run errands. My boys, on the other hand, walk a very fine line on the home school style chart.

My husband's pick for me, a swishy paneled denim skirt with contrast stitching.

So tell me, which stereotypes do you fit and are you also a lover of all things denim?

If you head over to take the test, do be sure to enter A Peaceful Day's birthday give-aways for a copy of 60 Classic Australian Poems and Koonaworra the Black Swan.


Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Richele,
I love denim, as it's so versatile, and the skirt pictured would be my favourite. =D

When I'm around the farm, I'd usually be found in denim.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

My daughter and I love all things from Boden and the skirt is adorable. I like the boots too.....I love boot wearing weather.

I am a denim girl at heart or maybe just a cotton girl. :)

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

Jeanne said...

Dunno, Richele. Which stereotypes do you reckon I fit?

I do wear denim. I'm a jeans girl myself, although I love both of those skirts. The top one is soooo American though!!

This is funny. I'm still chuckling.

Thanks for the mention - yet again!! You are such a sweet friend.

Richele said...

Maybe we could all order that bottom skirt - my sister has!

Barb, I would wear what was in mini-Boden if it were in my size.

Hadn't thought about the top skirt looking American but now that you mention it, I remember my mom wearing something similar in the 70's. When I saw it I was thinking, "Wow, I could take really long strides in that!"

From here, Jeanne, I doubt you match any of the stereotypes. I'll have to re-read the list though. I had only one out of 16 - we don't vaccinate.

Naturalearthfarm said...

Thank you for introducing me to this new store. I tend to buy the majority of my clothing at consignment shops, but long, modest skirts are hard to find. I have ordered two simple skirts from and have been happy with them. I enjoyed your post about the differences between you and your husband. And, yes, denim is a great fabric for family play!

Jeanne said...

I wondered which of the 16 you qualified for. We do vaccinate, by the way!! Another thing to discuss when we meet.

Chaunci said...

I just ordered that denim skirt 2 weeks ago and had no idea you had posted about it! hahaha