Friday, November 27, 2009

Out of Focus

I chose this Fuji FinePix Z20 last year because
1)it is easy to navigate,
2)it has a "blog mode" which automatically sizes my images,
3)I was sure that having pink dots on my camera would ensure my husband would never take it.

Was I ever wrong. He left for a project in Russia this morning with thousands and thousands of dollars in professional camera equipment and my pink polka dot camera!

Max finally mastered turning an ordinary string into Jacob's Ladder today and I was unable to document it.

Two weeks...sigh...actually it's my husband I'm missing.


Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Richele,
Two weeks with Max and Luca, alone. :D How is Max going, now? I hope that he has fully recovered.

Have a great weekend,

Ruby said...

That is sweet! Hope the time flies.
I have chosen magnified reading glasses with diamontes on the corners in the hopes that my hubby would not be seen dead in them, but alas, I often come out to the computer and find him wearing them.
Love your polka dotted camera!

Chef Penny said...

Wow! Two weeks without your husband. Poor dear. I hate it when something cool happens and I don't have the camera to get it. Congratulations to Max!!!

Sarah Slaven said...

Good luck getting through two weeks, I've only gone two nights apart and we were on the phone the whole time

Richele said...

Forgot to mention that I have my husband's parents here to keep me company. Had I camera I would show you all the Russian food they are busy preparing in hopes of fattening us all up for the winter. Bliny, bliny and bliny.

Thanks for the well wishes!

Ida Red (aka Richele) said...

Two weeks is a long time! At least you have company to help the time pass.