Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mother Culture Meets the Act of Knowing Part 2

Maria, Heather and Julia enjoying a Charlotte Mason moment.

Another roll of the narration cube has me telling you about "Character." Though I have no hard statistical data, Iowa may have the most CM-users per capita in the US. There were about thirty very cool members of the CM-sisterhood in attendance sharing good food, tips of the trade, troubles and encouragement. A big surprise was meeting some blog friends (Eeww, how the word "blog" squishes in my mouth. I have a friend who thinks we should call our virtual journals "Soulocasting"). You can meet them as well and see why Maria is a Very Blessed Mommy, or get craft inspiration from Julia at WanderingKnits. If I've missed any soulocasts, do let me know so I can share.

Michele closed the topic of narration with this word of encouragement, "One of the best ways to begin in this whole endeavor is to listen attentively yourself when your toddler, preschooler, child, young adult, even your husband wants to 'tell.' They are more likely to keep telling and to enjoy speaking to you.

The children assured us they had it all under control while the moms went out to play.

"That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works." Psalm 26:7


~Maria said...

It is so crazy that you posted this TODAY of all days! I just listened to "Reaching Your Child's Heart" and have been wanting to THANK YOU all day for mentioning it when we talked at the end of that very same meeting! :)

What a powerful talk, and so many wonderful points to ponder and continue to listen to again and again.

This line reminded me of what Sonya said in how it is so important that we are available to our children and fully attentive to them so that....
"They are more likely to keep telling and to enjoy speaking to you."

God bless!

Jillian said...

Hi Richele,
It's great to know that the children had all things under control - rather a role reversal, isn't it?

Have a great week,