Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sick Days

Max and Luca storyboarding their latest animated films.

This is the first day of homeschool I have missed due to teacher illness. Usually I battle it through but today I am laid out in bed so thought I'd let you know what we're up to.

What I'm Thankful For The fruit of all that habit-training. The boys got up, dressed, fixed themselves breakfast and brushed their teeth without a word from me. They don't like to be too far away though and have made a clubhouse in our bedroom closet as well as choreographed a sword fight for my entertainment.

What I'm Listening To Sounds from a Russian-dubbed Japanese cartoon coming from the other room - Miyazaki's "Big Panda, Little Panda." The iPod doesn't come out unless I'm home alone.

What I'm Reading
Julie Ferwerda's new book One Million Arrows. I was sent this challenging and encouraging book about raising our children to change the world for review and can't wait to share it with you. Wait we will though...until March 1. If you would like a sneak peak or to take part in the blog tour, head over to One Million Arrows.

Oops, it looks like my laptop is about out of juice and so am I.


Jeanne said...

Saddened to read that you've been unwell, but enjoying the peek into your peaceful life.

Hope you're feeling better today. Wish I could cook you up a big pot of chicken soup...here's a virtual one!!

Can't wait to hear your review.

Chef Penny said...

Sorry, you're sick! Feel better soon!

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Richele,
I'm so sorry to hear that you're unwell, but I have said a quiet prayer for your complete recovery. :)

Praise God that your children are so clever - you must have trained them well. Not only that, they also entertain you - clever!


Emily said...

Hi Richelle,
Hope you're better. Sounds like the boys have things well in hand.
Just curious - do all of you speak Russian?

Have a blessed day in the Lord!

michelle said...

Glad to hear from someone who is using SCM Ancient Egypt and loving it. We were going to start right away but saw that the the new edition is coming out in March so we are waiting. I just can't wait to start, I feel like SCM will be a breath of fresh air to our homeschool...at least I am hoping so. We are new to CM and are having fun incorporating things like art and composer study into our week. Thanks for the recommend books for our studies over at blog frog, my dd loves to read and I have to keep her well supplied with good living books to read because she goes through them like water. You have a lovely blog and look forward to reading more about your SM studies.

Many blessings,


Richele said...

Hi friends,
Thank you for your prayers. We are all well and now awaiting O's arrival late tonight.

Emily, we are bilingual household. We school primarily in English though since I'm the only one that hasn't grown up speaking Russian. Max & Luca are already already teaching me many words, such as nautical commands and insect names.

You're welcome Michelle! I hope your family enjoys SCM and I'm sure we'll meet up at Jeanne's blogfrog again!