Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Views on Homeschool

You would think our children would be enough to dispel the myth of inadequate socialization in homeschooling. According to J.Michael Smith's December article in the The Washington Times, Socialization [is] Not a Problem, we now have the studies to prove it. Research cited higher levels of social engagement, income, happiness and feelings of preparedness for life.

Stereotypes and lack of social skills are sadly found in The Economist's article Homeschooling: Classes Apart and follow-up comments.


Footprints Diary said...

Hi Richele,
Yes, you would think that our children's attitudes and behaviours during socialisation would be more than enough to quell the fears that the general public have about socialisation, but then again, people are always skeptical about what they don't know or understand.

We have had comments recently about how well our children socialise with all age groups, not just their own peers. :)

I daresay that lack of social skills would be found just as frequently in public schooled children, but they aren't under the microscope. :P

The media - don't you just love them???

Thank you for sharing,
Have a wonderful and blessed week,

Ruby said...

You just have to laugh don't you. I often wish we had a bit less socialization around here!
Media articles often portray either many shy, bedraggled children, clinging to mother's skirt or else "alternative lifestyle" folk majoring on art and music with teenagers who can't read. Even these extreme examples are often better adjusted than their public school conterparts. But we are after a good story not boring facts!
(No. 1 topics to get home school mums hot under the collar!) Nice to see some studies showing otherwise.

Jeanne said...

The comments on the Economist article leave me... well... speechless. I am not laughing, either.

Good to see that Max and Luca look so normal and well socialised. Hmmmm

Nick Manson said...

Of course these articles rely on statistics to make their point. Just saw a tongue-in-cheek quote today on Facebook that says, "83% of all statistics are crap." The one statistic I believe to be accurate. What I do know for sure, however, is that homeschooling is definitely NOT for me. To each their own, though.

Emily said...

We live in such an extroverted society, that anything less than the "norm" is viewed with shock or skepticism. I've homeschooled two children. My adult son is an introvert like I am. He would probably qualify as a statistic in the eyes of those who would love to eradicate homeschooling.

My daughter, however, could write a book on how to make friends. She has never met a stranger. She fits in! This worked tremendously in our favor once. We were at local elementary school's playground when a gentleman sat down and struck up a conversation, beginning, of course, with, "What grade is your daughter in? Does she go to school here?"

"Second grade, and no, actually we homeschool."

Big silence.

Turned out he was new in town, just starting a job teaching at that very school. Ahem.

"What about socialization?"

(Big mental sigh) My reply, as I pointed to my daughter, laughing and playing with his children, "Do you see a problem?" More silence. What a golden moment. :)

Richele said...

I could barely sleep last night after reading the comments on the Economist site. I will be taking a close look at parentalrights.org after that.

Yes, ladies, Max is in just his second year of official schooling and I'll bet I've fielded that question over 100 times - usually the well meaning individual asks right in front of the kids.

Nick, long time no see. Hope you ate your fill of frogs-eye salad without me there to share it with. Yes, to each his own - for now, anyhow.

Oh, and in case my mother sees this: Max's outfit pictured above was actually his ingenious attempt at eating grapefruit without getting squirt.

Jeanne said...

Okay. That explains the tie...um...