Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My boys' fingers were itching to begin as they listened intently to the wise and generous man giving a wood-carving lesson to our local home school group. Eyes wide with excitement, they took turns fingering intricate examples of Celtic chains ending in a bowl carved by their teacher. After carefully going over safety rules, each child was given a piece of basswood and their assignment. They were to design and carve a love spoon.

I know my boys well and they would have been thrilled to carve a spoon - had they been told it was for eating grub on a sailing vessel that is. Even a blunt weapon for whacking and thwacking rats in the underland would do nicely but a token of love for a maiden? Oh, no...no...no...no!

The cloud quickly passed though as the woodcarver warned my boys that the blades on their new craft knives were actually ten times sharper and more dangerous than their pocket knives. Oh yeah...Danger is every boy's middle name whether on their birth certificate or not.

Arriving home, Max and Luca began in earnest to draw out their plans. When I asked how their spoon designs were coming they replied, "Oh no, we don't need those things. Our teacher just doesn't know us and he didn't realize we're actually toy-makers. We'll let him know him next Thursday."


Footprints Diary said...

Hi Richele,
Your boys sound as if they are little characters - I look forward to the end result! :D

Have a wonderful week,
Jillian ♥

Renelle said...

I'll be honest we haven't been game to let our boy anywhere near a knife of any description, but the day will come. Isn't it great they have the freedom to create and work a carving that suits them! You must post the finished piece. Sounds like you have some great events to attend. Blessings

Jeanne said...

Honestly, that is just so funny, funny, funny...

Fond chuckle.

Melissa said...

boys are too much fun!
we just checked out our first Woodcarving book from the library yesterday...fingers crossed ;)

p.s. Tales From Old Ireland looks gr8!

juliecache said...

awesome boys you have, there! I've thought of hosting woodcarving classes at our house.

Amy in Peru said...

I very much know what you are talking about... love spoons?! what on earth were they thinking?! good grief. My mom just bought my boys a woodcarving book and outfitted them with a bunch of tools to boot. They'll start with carving a bar of soap and making a sailboat, I believe it is... though they are quite anxious actually to get to the real thing. Though the carving has not yet begun, we already have a couple of cut fingers. No tears though. It is extremely manly and tough to cut yourself with your pocket knife, and besides if you tell mom, she might wimp out and not let you cut any more!
amy in peru

Richele said...

Yes, those cuts are worn like badges of honor here as well. I didn't want to freak anyone out so I didn't mention it in the post. My oldest showed me a cut he got while carving and it went like this:

"Hmmm...look at this Mom. It's bleeding but I don't think I need a bandage. Mom? Mom, why do you look like that?!"