Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Midspring Day's Dream

This is the view from my lolling place. The apple trees are in bloom, as are the cherry trees, lilacs, and honeysuckle. That little purple flower, Love in Idleness, must be as well.

We had ice cream...for lunch. I was recently asked if our curriculum was planned for next year. Um, I'm just hoping to make it through the last few weeks of our final term.

It very well may be that merry little wanderer Puck came for a visit and the first thing I looked upon when I awoke was my reclining lawn chair.


Jeanne said...

Sounds just perfect...or it would be if I were there with you...

Planning? Nah - plenty of time for that when the sky's not so blue and the flowers not so sweet.

Richele said...


The last week was full of spring cleaning and this as well. Our get up and go had definitely got up and went. The boys watched the ants building their homes and I felt like one of those blossoms that had just expended so much energy.

We're back to work today.

Sarah said...

Hey Richele,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving an encouraging word. I am interested to know what touched you with my comment.

Love the picture. xxx