Monday, May 31, 2010

Portfolio & Summer Schedule Review

We're in the garden...well, at least some of us are. We're all supposed to be. Meanwhile, if you are looking for ideas to help in putting together a home school portfolio or suitable ideas for a summer schedule, here they are:

1.Goals as a Tool for Planning and Evaluation

2.Putting Together a Portfolio I

3.Putting Together a Portfolio - Organization for Mother

4.Summer Break and Holiday Schedules

5.Summer Break and a Multiplicity of Interests


Renelle said...

Your arrows have their summer haircuts, & I noticed they don't like wearing clothes heheheheh. Thankyou for this post I'm on my way to look now. Have a lovely summer Richele.

ok I've been to red the suggested posts and here in NSW Australia we just have to show some sort of record & evaluation of learning, so I think this portfolio idea could really work for us, so I will see what I come up with. Thankyou for your help. Blessings, Renelle

Renelle said...

whoops I mean 'read'.
We already use the CM organizer but I need to include examples of dc's projects etc

Richele said...

You're absolutely right, Renelle, though usually they are covered with war paint. Clothing is not optional at meal time, though...and the summer cuts are a must because we have nasty little deer ticks in New England.

Just as soon as I get next year figured out I will be trying out my free month of the CM organizer - I'm sure I'll be having lots of questions.

Richele said...
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Melissa said...

Glad you shared this!

~Maria said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I did portfolios this year and just wasn't sure if it was enough. Of course at this age it is you do any of your own observations in them or anything like that as well? Or is it simply samples from the beginning of the year and the end?

Hope to see you in a couple of weeks. We'll be at the Friday night talk but that may be all I make it to.