Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wanna win an iPad for your homeschool?

Here's the deal: I haven't come to terms with the iPad just yet. Part of me thinks that all of its applications would be way to distracting and outweigh the advantages to our homeschool. Then I find myself thinking how great it would have been to be able to just bring the iPad along rather than lugging books back and forth when we traveled from home to New York City for four months for my husband's work. Would it be a tool or too quickly become the master?

I adore the smell and feel of the pages and the weight of a book in my hands, not to mention the noble ideas and worlds to be found within. I hate hearing that real books can or will be replaced. On the other hand, I love the fact that we can read an out-of-print book for free when I could never afford to purchase a rare hardcopy. It makes me sad when I see people sitting in a cafe texting rather than talking to their spouse but then I think of those that find themselves schooling in another country who pay exorbitant shipping costs to get their books to them. Sigh...

I may not have come to terms with the iPad but maybe you have. From now through September 30th, you could win an iPad from my beloved Barefoot Books, that independent publisher of award-winning (and tv/movie character free) children's books started by two hard-working moms out of their homes. For a chance to win, sign up (for free) as a Barefoot Ambassador. That's it. No catch. No purchases. No sales quotas. No annoying phone calls. Just a chance to win an iPad.

If you want, you can put an affiliate button up on your site, you can fundraise for your homeschool group or your favorite cause, you can be a savvy shopper and buy books at a discounted rate. Rather than purchasing a business math series, you could provide living math by running your own real bookstore for a term. You could even do what I have done and dress up as Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon or host author and illustrator signings, and have the flexibility of working from home. But that's only if you want.

Either way, I would love to hear about the role technology plays in your home education. Comments, concerns, criticisms?


Nick Manson said...

I know what you're saying, but let's remember that technology and change are not inherently evil. I love the practicality of my eReader at least as much as the tactile pleasures of a long-admired hardcopy novel. Haven't you come to terms with email and blogging as effective forms of communication and learning? How will an iPad rule your life any more than the computer you maintain this blog on does?

Jeanne said...

Gidday Herb.

Pretty green.

I'm keen to hear what others think of an iPad for school too. I was playing with... er... researching my Aunt's last night. It was fun!

Richele said...

I'll respond to your comment soon, Nick, but we've just returned from a long weekend away. Suitcase explosion.

I am hoping for some further comments and consideration on this topic. I spoke with a friend this weekend who said, "Even if someone doesn't want the iPad, they really want one." Is that the case?

I hadn't considered all the apps for children with autism and how it could open up doors to communication for them. Here's a fantastic post by an Aussie mom:


Chef Penny said...

I love the idea that we could do different things with an iPad or do some reading at various therapy appts without dragging books. I think my not so little bibliophile would love to have one just so he could read and read and read. I would not give my daughter one until she loved reading. Though I love books , I often misplace them. Hmmm, wonder if that would help with this problem?

Richele said...

Honestly, Nick, I find myself at times walking a fine line between the age of information and the age of distraction.

Could it be I'm the only one?

Nick Manson said...

Perhaps the age of moderation is in order. All I'm saying is I think you can trust yourself with an iPad. Plus, you can fill it up with pictures of my great-nephews for your next visit to Grandma Katie's. :D