Saturday, November 6, 2010

In Living Color

We've been on a bit of a media fast around here. As you know, starting a DIY at home can have a domino effect and, hey, if the tools are out you may as well use them. The boys were in on all the action and I hope to post the unveiling this week.

Not to be outdone by the turning of the leaves, all areas of our life have been wonderfully colorful. I've been digging deep with the Lord while going through Jennifer Rothschild's Me, Myself and Lies. This is no fill-in-the-blank-I-can-wing-it-because-the-author-gives-the-answer-in-the-next-paragraph Bible study. We're talking a total thought closet make-over and ewww, the ill-fitting things I've been pulling out of mine.

We went to visit our friend, Farmer Jack, along with his bees, chickens and the rest of his farm. This resulted in our cups overflowing with fresh apple cider, mead, borscht, honey, eggs, and jalapenos.

Even Jack's chickens live in a quaint little cottage with a beautiful garden!

From the country to the city. A bonus to homeschooling is that Max & Luca often accompany their father on his trips into New York City. Home alone, I enjoyed the quiet as I worked fervently to get everything moved back into the study.

Max busy working at the satellite studio in Chelsea, the neighborhood considered the center of the visual arts world in NYC.

Aah, but of course there was so much more in-between...but do you really want to hear about my contending with a toilet overflow that reached the hallway or water gushing from pipes in our basement or our victory over the septic tank at 7:00am and 35 degrees on a Saturday morning?

Other high points include (but are not limited to):
-Watching The Secret of Kells.
-The boys each getting a turn driving an excavator.
-Max mastering the Windmill on his Profly Duncan yo-yo.
-Mom learning to do a Windmill on Max's Profly.
-Luca administering the medicine of laughter to his older brother who suffered a fever for two days.

Hopefully, in these past few weeks you would also have found us living out God's will for us in Christ by being joyful always, praying continually, and giving thanks in all our colorful circumstances.


Ruby said...

Nice to have a peak into your busy, colourful life.
Great attiutude, too!

Jeanne said...

So glad your media fast wasn't too long.

Actually, I suspect that I would like to hear about your plumbing problems. Toilet stories are the best, aren't they :)

I love posts that tell me more about you, my friend - the good, the bad - and the ugly@

joyfulmum said...

Loved the "thought closet make over" phrase:) glad you had some colour in your busy weeks.
btw, I wouldn't mind being one of those chickens, what amazing surroundings to be living in:)

Laura Lou said...

Great pictures, as always!

We loved The Secret of Kells! I'm all for another viewing just to absorb more of the fab art.

Sue said...

Wow! Gorgeous colors yo have there! Can't wait for the unveiling...

Melissa said...

i WOULD like to hear about the toilet overflow, as a matter of fact!
Sooo good to see what you are up to :o) I've done one of Jennifer's studies before too - it was fantastic!

Love ya!

V.Choban said...

it's neat to see a home ed family with Russian in the mix :)

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If you'd like, check it out:

amy in peru said...

hey! as you can probably tell by my extremely timely comment, that I'm ecstatic that you are most likely going to be coming out of blog hibernation soon, and apparently with a new colorful wardrobe. I hope it is colorful in all the best sense of the term :)

so. I've missed you and hope that you aren't once again up to your knees with toilet troubles and that you'll be back here soon to keep us all company. ;)

PS. I haven't heard nothing about that there study of yers and so would appreciate your fullest review when it is good and convenient and all.

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