Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Advent Calendar

What could be more fun for a family of book lovers than counting down the days with a surprise Christmas story each night?

What with the avalanche of presents our children receive on the 25th -- the grandparents cannot be stopped -- we never go all out on an advent calendar. Then I spotted a Christmas Book Advent Calender on ohdeedoh's Advent Calendar Roundup via Babyccino.

Taking care to hide all our holiday books at the beginning of November, I was absolutely giddy with the cleverness of me. All that snuggle time and the calendar would cost nothing! Ah, but pride goeth before the fall.

It turns out the cleverness of me hid one pile a little too well and the books have yet to be recovered. This is the season of miracles though and a quick trip to the local Salvation Army by myself and a finer Neiner yielded our final holiday reads and we were good to go...again.


Sarah said...

Tremendous! What else can one say? xxx

Erin Neiner said...

Oh, Richele, it looks WONDERFUL!!!!! I have to go finish wrapping mine and have them all in their places for the morning unveiling!!! Your paper(s) look wonderful!! Maybe next year, we can just switch books! ;)

MommaMindy said...

What a clever idea! I love the idea of counting down the days with some special time with my child, not just with a sugary treat. Thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

What a great idea! Unfortunately we don't have that many Christmas books of our own - we borrow a lot from the library. I suppose I could put borrowed ones at the beginning...

Jeanne said...

Oh, where, oh where can they be?!!

We're reading our lovely Ruth Bell Graham book. It is so delighful. Thank you so much for giving it to me!

We read one chapter of this plus one of our basket of delight books each day. So nice.

Love the look of your advent calendar!

Renelle said...

Fantastic, fabulous notion! Love it. I wasn't organised enough to have a sewn one so this is an answer to my dilemma. We were given One Wintery Night by Ruth Bell Graham last week by Granma & Dar, it's lovely. Have a Lovely December. Blessings

amy in peru said...

LOVE this idea. I will do this someday... if I remember... and if I can find our books.


amy in peru

Heather said...

I did this last year and my son loved it and yesterday I let him help wrap which was a good lesson in sizing, cutting, folding and taping. Phew. I wrapped most of them and the fun part is I can't even remember which one is which now. I wanted to get a picture of them before we started opening them but alas this cold has beaten me down. So I laughed when I saw your post.
I love your wrapping paper. Mine isn't nearly as pretty. :)

Richele said...

You guys are all so very sweet to me.

@Sue, I should tell you that I almost checked some of my faves that we don't have from the library to wrap because we can keep them for three weeks. I just never got to the library and I was really surprised at the amount of Christmas books we had.

I still have not found the missing books and we live in a small Cape-style home so there really are only so many places they could be. I hid them so long ago that I don't even remember what all is there.

I do know Farmer Boy and Little House in the Big Woods are part of the stash. I love the Christmas chapters in those books and will miss them!

Heather said...

I think this is a case for Max's Detective Agency! The Case of the Missing Christmas Books! :)
Hope they turn up soon. And thank you for your kind words to me elsewhere. It means much.

Nancy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has cleverly hid something and then couldn't remember where!
Okay, this is the bestest idea yet! I love it!