Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fireside Stories

Brrrr. 18*F with a windchill of 1* (that's -7*C and -17*C). You know it's cold when the boys won't even go out to play. Hauled the wood in and filled the bird feeders, though even those brave Dark-eyed Juncos are hunkered down in their nests.

I'm about to hunker down by the fire with a steaming cup of coffee myself. If you care to hear a story, I'm telling one over at Educating Mother.


Jeanne said...

Um, is that your beautiful red home? I love it. Even under all that snow. Well, maybe because of all that snow.


Off to educate myself now.

Sarah said...

Is that your home? Gorgeous anyhow! It's pouring rain here today even though it's summer...but loving the storms none the less! xxx

Ruby said...

Those sorts of temps are very hard to imagine during our hot and humid Summer!
Your photograph looks gorgeous though and curling up in front of a blazing fire must be wonderful!

Renelle said...

I know it must be freezing cold there, but it looks so lovely, aahhh. What a great introduction to your post at Educating Mother!I already am such a home bod, that if I lived where it snowed people wouldn't see me for months. I'd have cuppa in hand and by the fire constantly!

amy in peru said...

oh how I remember the days of cold... it's been almost four years since I've seen snow or felt a chill! I miss it and your picture looks perfect. I like being snowbound... ahhhhhh.

LOVED your post.
{but you knew that already ;)}

joyfulmum said...

Wow, I've just been over there and feel SO educated:) You truly have a gift in story telling. Very clever!
btw, is that your home? ( I need to know too:)) It's beautiful!

Richele said...

Oh, you sweet people!! Yes, it is our home. You'll notice I didn't photograph it during New England's notorious muddy seasons.

The fence is a labor of love from my husband. When we bought the house three years ago there was a row of dead cedars standing there. Getting rid of them would mean losing the nuthatches, flickers and woodpeckers, so we had the idea of turning them into a sort of sculpted fence. The birds stayed happily.

joyfulmum said...

oh that makes it even more "wow" ful for me:)
love it! what a great idea with the fence!

Heather said...

What a lovely home, Richele! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Emma Michaels said...

I am a new follower! YEAY!!! Hope you will stop by my blog and follow back!

Emma Michaels

Phyllis said...

I have an award for you over at my blog.

The Sommer Family said...

I've just recently found your blog as I've started studying CM and her thoughts on education. I'm a missionary in Ghana, West Africa, and have just started homeschooling my little girls.
Excited to read how others raise their littles using the CM philosophy.