Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book of Centuries and Manipulating Time.

What looks like contemporary art is actually our home school scheduling board. Sticky notes make moving the subjects around a breeze and, believe me, they move around a lot before becoming one of the Pages at the top of the blog. In a Charlotte Mason education the transition into fourth grade is a big one - with more independent work, dictation, formal grammar lessons, Latin and copy-books being added. It also means that Max has left Class I (Grades 1-3) for Class II (Grades 4-6) and, thus, the scheduling ease of having two children in Class I has been left behind as well.

School planning isn't the only thing keeping me out of the blogosphere. We could name this our year of hospitality, with three tents pitched in our yard in July, guests due to arrive tonight and our former exchange student and his mother visiting in September. I hope you may find yourselves entertaining angels unaware as well. While the linens are in the wash, I did want to take the time to introduce you to two friends and their Books of Centuries.

You may recognize Laurie Bestvater's name from her BoC posts at ChildlightUSA. What you might not know is that this unabashed paper girl also has an incredible blog, In my notebook.... The blog is attached to her site, Keeping a Book of Centuries, where she has made available a gorgeous Book of Centuries in both hardcover and leather-bound. My fingers have glided along the ivory pages and I've inhaled the beautiful possibilities of this book as I was able to spend a few minutes with one at the Living Education Retreat.

My friend Christie Groff, whom you can visit at Beauty at Home and Abroad, has also collaborated with Simply Charlotte Mason to publish My Book of Centuries. I met Christie two years ago and have always marveled at her chart-making & list-keeping organizational skills.

The former Book of Centuries is true to the one used in Mason's schools but uses BCE and CE in its dating. The latter includes a Child's Century Chart, uses BC and AD in its dating, but is more of an interpretation of the BoC. In Christie's words, "It is not meant to be a replicate of how they did it, but simply one possibility of how to keep a record of keen delight".

Decisions, decisions. Do be sweet and let me know if you plan on using either and why. Until then, I will return to maneuvering subjects around in an attempt to complete our schedule for the upcoming school year. By the way, in 1974 Spencer Silver and Arthur Fry invented Post-It Notes - that's definitely going in my Book of Centuries.

p.s. The Living Education Retreat which I attended in mid-July deserves its own post but in two words: Do attend. For now, I will have to direct you to Sage Parnassus for a peek at the after-party.


Sarah said...

A book of centuries...something I want to do, but never seem to start! I've discovered it takes time to trasition to a CM education, and you can't do all the subjects instantly. As I gain the knowledge of each subject I am then confident to go ahead. We must start the beautiful book of centuries next year. Please do share what you choose! Sorry to go on here..:D! xxx

joyfulmum said...

Glad you've been enjoying the summer being hospitable to your friends:) I did read on the AO groups recently all the discussion about the BOC and timelines. So thankful for these resources, will get to it when my dd gets closer to 9 / 10 as I believe that was the recommended age by CM. love your post it notes too, your schedule definitely looks like a piece of contemporary art with all those notes:)

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

One of my guilty pleasures is Post-It notes. I use them and love them for many things! And I stealing your idea of using them to plan a schedule....why haven't I thought of that before?! I use pencil and paper and eraser, but it's much more fun to move a post-it note than to erase. :)

For BOC, I take a very simple route of a 3-ring binder with tabs for each century. We make entries on plain notebook paper between the tabs. My challenge is to keep up the BOC...the binder sits on the shelf rather than in our hands far too often.

You sound like a wonderful hostess with a collection of friends.

amy in peru said...

I do not know how I can even bear to have missed these posts!! I'm SO sad not to have seen them, or to have been too busy to see them until now... oh, I'm miserable.

I did post on our BoC, styled after the talks that Laurie gave. I love her blog too. :)

Personally, I would have splurged for Laurie's LEATHER bound book (though I don't consider it expensive unless I have to buy FIVE!!), but could absolutely NOT wait until someone could bring it down here and it would probably double in price if I had it shipped. SO... we made ours (see my post). :)

I've thought of you very often and missed you much! I hope you are enjoying your journey. every. day. :)

@CM in the city... I think having a particularly beautiful book might just make it more of a lure... ? :)

much love,
amy in peru

Amber said...

Oooo! Cute alert! Could u possibly post more photos of your post-it note schedule? :)

Richele said...

Hey, thanks Amber. It's gone on my list of things-to-do but please, no holding your breath. Contemporary art that's functional!

Amber said...

Lol Richele ;)
Thanks for the warning. Lol. x

Amber said...

Lol Richele ;)
Thanks for the warning. Lol. x