Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weathering the Storm

Other than our herbs, we haven't been able to garden much this year. Thankfully, God has seen to bordering our woods with Flat-topped White Asters.

For those wondering, we are fine post-Hurricane Irene. There is extensive flooding but since we are on high ground, it is the danger of falling trees that concerns our family the most. Winds "weakened" to 60mph before arriving here and only a few small trees were downed.

Our prayers are continuing for those that bore the brunt of this storm.


Sarah said...

Glad to hear you and your family are safe! I have read some tragic stories from the hurricane. xxx

Ruby said...

Yes, we are hearing of this big hurricane over here. Pleased to see your post and know you are okay. It has been a year of many big weather events across the world.

Nancy said...

So relieved to hear you are okay.

joyfulmum said...

So glad to hear you are ok! I didn't realise you were in that area of the US until now.
Keep safe xxx

Jeanne said...

Just tagged you for a homschooling meme if you're interested. I'd love to hear your answers!

PS How are all of your trees?

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Those Asters are cheerful looking!

I'm glad you didn't suffer during the storm. We didn't either, but have friends in Vermont who were flooded.

Here's to a great autumn!

HeatherO said...

Glad you are ok! I was visiting your sister when you called to tell her about the earthquakes. I sure am enjoying getting to know her! She is such a blessing. I am anxious to hear about your book too!

Jeanne said...

Hello, just wondering how you are, dear one.

joyfulmum said...

Hi Richele,

I've missed you in blog land! how are you all doing?