Friday, October 21, 2011

In our Book of Firsts

Five months of life lessons. We built our first chicken coop, cried buckets of tears at the loss of three tiny balls of fluff, nursed a sick chick to recovery, learned who our friends were when they gave up a beautiful Saturday to help construct a run, had a stare-down with an adult Red-tailed Hawk, found out four of our eight birds are roosters ("What are the odds?" we joke), learned the intricacies of integrating a new hen into an existing flock, moved our lawn swing in order to catch plenty of "chicken television," came eye to eye with Mr. Fox, became content with day trips, stopped having to use alarm clocks and sharpened our sling-shot skills.

The work and worry all became worth it when our youngest announced with shrieks of delight "Our first egg!" and yes, though we didn't birth it, we all feel the right to call it "ours."

On the left is an egg from a local farmer's White Leghorn Chicken in order to compare the size and color with our olive-colored egg on the right.

We're not sure who the proud mama is yet, as three of our four hens consist of Olive Eggers (crosses between Americaunas and French Black Marans). The other is a pure French Maran who will lay chocolate-colored eggs. We hope you will enjoy getting to know our chickens as we're a bit um, obsessed.

ps Thanks to my friends around the world that have wondered about me in my absence. I've missed you all as well.


MommaMindy said...

What a great family project! My daughter had the joy of collecting eggs at a friend's house one day. Like your eggs, they are bigger and better than anything we can buy from the store! Plus, the kids learn so much.

Melissa said...


Jeanne said...

Oh, so happy to see you here! I've missed you so much.

'Your' egg is beautiful. Why doesn't that surprise me?

Laura Lee said...

Oh, I love the color of that egg! We've twice tried raising Americaunas, but lost them all to predators. We've also been through three roosters--the first was amazing but just keeled over one day; the second decided bachelorhood best suited him and ran off (we still see him a few blocks away near an open lot); and the third was just eaten by a fox.

Best of luck! ;D

Nancy said...

Oh how wonderful! I suppose you all have read Along Came a Dog? That's where I learned most of what I know about chickens and eggs. You, however, are experiencing the real thing! I look forward to all sorts of updates on this front.

So nice to hear from you again,

Admiration, Hope and Love,


amy in peru said...

yahoo! I'm so glad, and after reading the trail of travail per your post, I almost feel just as proud... ;)

we have been so far unsuccessful with our chickens for the most part, but I now know where to come when I need help!

such fun.

miss you, dear...

joyfulmum said...

Glad to see you back in blog land:) A couple of years ago we got to house sit for some relatives that had chickens, oh it was such fun to collect the freshly laid eggs! So I can understand your family's excitement:) Sounds like you've all been busy with lots of fun projects and I also understand the tears at losing animals, we had a very sick guinea pig and I was terribly sad for a few days and at the prospect of losing her but thank the Lord that she is much better now.

Heather said...

Well, your persistence has paid off! Way to go! How very exciting to get your own eggs from your very own hens. Loving see you in this space again, I have missed you!

Sarah said...

It's so nice to hear from you! My children are obsessed with their chooks too...they have that effect! It's so exciting getting eggs...enjoy! :)

Jen's Busy Days said...

Chooks are great fun. We got 10 just before Christmas and although only the bantams are laying they are so "productive" in the form of entertainment. I love to just watch them scratch and peck, and "brook".

Best wishes
Jen in Oz
visiting from Peaceful Day