Saturday, October 13, 2012

Picture this...

...found on the "Teaching for Excellence" site whose teaching model "integrates the effective works of the nation's leading educators, researchers, authors, school systems, and classroom teachers into a comprehensive approach to classroom curriculum, assessment and instruction." 


Nancy said...

Such irony in this...and a chuckle.

From joy to joy,

Sarah said...

How interesting. :)

bjocarlson said...

Hi Richelle!
I wanted to thank you for your talk over at the PMEU the other night. I found it most helpful!
I wanted to ask if you have found a scale for your kids to use that fits the bill for Mason's ideas on weighing rice in little packages. Google is not giving me much.
I have your book on order, and am looking forward to diving into the world of math in more depth. Thanks for the jump start, and all the work/thought you put into this!
I look forward to hearing from you!
Bobby Jo