Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Mother's Debt

Whilst cleaning up the computer, I found this draft that had never been posted. Though it was begun long ago, happily the sentiments remain fresh and true.

Mushroom hunting!

Is it any wonder it's called Tanglewood?

Living in the past a bit as I searched for pictures to share with our Compassion child so thought I'd share them with you as well.

I have been living in the past as I write, realising how much happiness I owe to the vision of one woman. My case no doubt is similar to many others, scattered all over the world. Others will write of Miss Mason's work from the point of view of the trained teacher, but how much greater is the debt of the mother who without any training at all, could teach her children through the method that Miss Mason had worked out. It was she who made the impossible possible, who shewed us term by term what books to use and how to use them, who taught us to take the children straight to the fountain head and let them learn from the books themselves. It was she who realised what home education might become, who changed the whole atmosphere of the home schoolroom, who inspired us for our work and gave us the power to carry it out; a pioneer who blazed the trail that many of us followed with keen enjoyment and grateful hearts. -E. M. CAPRON

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Ruby said...

Hello Richelle, I love the look of that Tanglewood! What an adventurous place to climb!