Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Step Inside Our Story

Autumn rates right up there with spring for wanting to just close the books and head outside. Since we are spending most of our days outdoors in both work and play, I thought you might enjoy a tour around our grounds and then I'll catch you up on our doings.

Our home started out as a storefront for Berkshire Glass Works in the mid-1800's. The exceptional sand of our county (97-99% silica) makes for very fine glass and it is reported that Tiffany himself visited the Glass Works in order to pick the tints he incorporated into his designs. Above is some of the glass slag our youngest pulled out of the ground near a creek bed. 

In the 1930's, New England artist Leo B. Blake lived here with his family. He added a studio with a vaulted ceiling and celestory to the home, carving his initials on the outside of the addition that is now our living room. He also added a wall of windows to the north side of the barn which served as his summer studio.

Our son, Luca, was thrilled that his initials are the same as Leo Blake's. Here he sketches at a favorite spot we call "reading rock."

The original outhouse now functions as a garden shed. A hand-lettered sign by Mr. Blake still hangs on the inside though, warning of the dangers of improper cigarette disposal.

 A view of the garden shed and one of the former barns which is now my husband's tool shed. The back is filling up nicely with wood for winter heating.

 Another view of reading rock with a path that heads west along the brook.

This is the view heading east along the south side of the brook. It is home to calendula, flowering raspberries and jewelweed to name a few species. The path leads into the woods where the original rock fence remains.

The barn looking from the south side of the brook which houses my writing studio along with our chickens. Our hope is to put an alternative print-process photo studio in the barn for my husband next year as well. 

Obligatory picture of our 5-month-old Standard Poodle puppy, Aquila, who has become an important part of our family.  Watching him see the wonders of God's creation for the first time has renewed our own appreciation for the beauty in it all.  Now for some current events:

Currently attending: A puppy training class with Aquila. If you've ever seen Cesar Millan, known as the Dog Whisperer, you'll know what we are going through. The class is actually more human training than dog training and, with five families and five very cute puppies, would make for great reality TV.

Currently reading: Galatians. If this letter Paul wrote to the Galatians has been as influential to your life as it has to mine, you may enjoy John Sheasby's Introduction to Galatians. Put the Sheasby's podcasts on while doing the dishes and you will love doing dishes.

Currently planning: A live-action role-play fete at our home this Friday. A large group of intrepid kids will spend the day free-ranging here for a game of "Town," which Max describes as a "glorified game of house...only outdoors." Think "Shire of Middle-earth" with Nerf-weapons. I'll try to get pics.

Until then.


Sarah said...

What a splendid area with such a wonderful history! Now it's your turn to make history. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the tour! Looks like the perfect place to raise boys, dream and write. Blessings, friend!
Bobby Jo

Jeanne said...

So many happy memories there in that garden with you and your wonderful family. Love you guys. xx

Christie said...

When can I bring my four up from the sunshine state to play Town with Max and Luca? Your property is beautiful. If we come, we might never leave. :)


Nancy said...

I do love your home! This post brings back a few fond memories and makes me want to visit NOW.

Miss you,