Home School Goals

This is a list of our goals by subject. Based on a Charlotte Mason education and prayer, I've found them to be quite grounding and like to review them throughout the year.

Enjoy reading.
Read with attention and concentration.
Comprehend what is read.
Appreciate the style of the writer.
Exercise discernment in reading choice.

Develop habits of insight, accuracy and readiness.
Train reasoning powers.
Apply math in everyday situations.
Become a confident problem solver.
Make wise financial transactions.

Effectively and accurately communicate.
Learn a beautiful style of handwriting.
Have meaningful handwriting experiences.

See God’s economy throughout history.
Know something of what has gone before in order to think justly of what is occurring today.
Inculcate a sane and serviceable patriotism.
Understand people’s roles in history.
Learn from history’s accomplishments and mistakes.

Science and Nature

Cultivate the power of accurate observation and build up understanding.
Love, respect and care for God’s creation.

Form an intimate acquaintance with the region studied so
that a map calls up a wonderful panorama of the diversities of
the region, of the people, their history and occupations.

Read or listen with attention and concentration.
Exercise the power of recollection.
Receive a sense of the spaciousness of the time written of.
Secure wide spaces for the imagination to explore.

Music Appreciation

Enjoy listening to music with understanding.

Express oneself and appreciate art.


Read aloud and enjoy frequently.
Recite with delicate rendering.


Create objects of use and beauty.